KOAN Sound

Rethink everything you know about dubstep. All that hate crime comments about how it sounds like robots having sex with dinosaurs and AOL loading up are about to go down the drain… Errr kind of. Think hip hop sprinkled with some of Skrillex’s growl vowel bassline.

Meet OWSLA’s very own KOAN Sound. If you aren’t familiar with that label by now, I suggest their latest release from Zedd, and get out of whatever cave you are in.

First off, we have a mix from UKF, which is here. Which is probably the best 20 minutes I’ve had all day. So…. yeah. CLLEEEKKK DA LINK TINGYYYY.

/Skrillex\Kill Everybody (KOAN Sound Remix)

This tune is available on Beatport here for free. Yes. FREE.

/KOAN Sound\Trouble In the West [BzNez]

/KOAN Sound\Mr. Brown [BzNez]

/KOAN Sound\Max Out

/KOAN Sound\One Hand Clap

KOAN Sound’s facebook


OWSLA’s facebook

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